What is Love Triangle and how to solve it?

A love triangle is a situation, in which, three individuals are there (as the name suggests, ‘a triangle’), it’s a complex type of relationship. In this situation, two persons are in love with the third individual and maybe, the third individual loves both the competing persons. Yes! It’s true. It is so because, someone might bring out the individual’s confidence, boldness, and sexy side up, which results in falling for that person.

The other one might make the individual feel safe, loved, and deeply connected, which results in falling for that person too. But, it can’t be like this forever. The person, who’s the centre of this triangle, has to decide at a certain point in life.

So, what to do? How to decide? How to make a decision? Whom to choose? What’s the solution? No need to worry about all these things. As we are here for you and we care for you. And, that’s why we are here with this post. This post is all about “title”. So, let’s get started.

1. Know your role

In a love triangle, first of all, you should know your role in the triangle. Whether you are the center of the triangle or you are the person who’s competing. Generally, the triangle is not hidden. Therefore, everyone knows their role. But, if your triangle is a mystery, you should figure it out, what’s your role.

2. What to do?

If you are the one competing.

If you are one of the competing persons, so, just think once and try to know that, who does the centre of triangle loves?! Are you the one, whom the centre of triangle loves? Or the other person! If you are the one being loved, then, kudos! But, if not! Yup! It’s hard to accept but one should accept the truth and respect the decision of the others. If you’ve been not accepted here, then, from the starting, you don’t belong here! This was never meant for you; it was simply some conditions and situations which made you feel like you belong here.

And also, you should not feel bad or sad either. Because, if you were never meant to be here, then, God has written an entirely different and wonderful story for you! So, just keep exploring the world, don’t stop yourself to find love just because, you are unable to step out of that ‘triangle’ thing. The world is full of surprises out there! Waiting for you, to explore them

If you are the ‘centre of the triangle

If you are the ‘center of the triangle’, then, it’s all in your hands. You will be making the decision; you will have to decide about how the future of you all three is going to be. You are the one, for whom two persons are competing. And also, if the triangle is intentionally created by you to simply disturb the other two persons then, you should just stop doing all this. Because, by doing this, you will end up falling in your own trap. And if you’re genuine, then, keep on reading the post.

3. How to decide: The decision making

In a love triangle, if you feel that you love both the competing personalities and this is making it harder for you to make a decision, just think, with whom, you’ll be able to have a long-lasting relationship despite of considering each and every probable or non-probable, good or bad circumstances and the one having same moral values as of yours!

I don’t think it will be much difficult for you to make a decision, considering all these things. And, if so then, you three should sit together and you should tell them about what you are feeling and what you are thinking! Hopefully, this might work (fingers crossed).

And also, the person whom you didn’t chose, please speak to that person and tell them, what’s your opinion, what you want in life and why did you choose the other person. Don’t let that person simply go away. Because this will affect that person’s mental health and also they will feel bad about themselves.

4. The Solution

‘The solution’, you already have it handy with you! 😀 This post is the ultimate solution to your ‘triangle’ problem. So, stay tuned with our website. Thanks for reading and be happy!

Article by Sukruti Das