Suicide is the solution…?

Hello all! If you are reading this article, hopefully, you’re good and stable. This article is all about “Suicide is the solution…?”. Let me clear one thing, suicidal thoughts are common because of various situations in an individual’s life, but it should never end up in attempting or committing suicide. First of all, let’s talk about the risk factors- Why a person would have such thoughts?

  • Risk Factors-
  • Previous attempts- If someone has previously tried and failed to commit suicide or tried to harm their selves.
  • Drugs- If someone is/was into drugs.
  • Depression/Anxiety- If someone is suffering from depression/anxiety (one of the most common reasons for suicide).
  • Trauma- If someone had any traumatic condition.
  • Mental illness- If someone has any type of mental disorders, syndromes, or diseases.

Please, do consult a doctor, so that, they can help you to get out of these situations.

If you’re having suicidal thoughts or you know someone who is suffering from above enlisted factors, please make sure that, they’re good.

Now, let’s get to our topic. I want to ask those people out there, who are planning or are going to attempt suicide, why? Why are you doing so? Why are you this much hopeless, discouraged in your life? What are you thinking? If you’re thinking that ending your life will relieve all your pain, stress, sadness, etc. You’re the wrong buddy! Ending your life will end everything! Just everything! And you know what?! Nobody gives a damn. Everyone is so busy in their lives, that, nobody will feel guilty, regret, or feel anything that you died. Just your parents will regret their whole lives, why you did so? Why you didn’t speak about your problems with them?!

This world is full of problems, no one in this whole world can say, I don’t have any problems. Even the world’s richest man has problems, the world’s most knowledgeable person also has problems and so does the world’s most powerful person! Everyone has their own problems and also ‘the solution’. And suicide is never, I repeat, never a solution, committing suicide is like running away from your problems. And running away is not considered as fighting or solving the problems.

About Your Problems:

Why your problems are huge and others’ problems are small? Because, you are not facing them, the consequences, you’re unable to see them. But in your case, you are able to see the problem and the consequences as well, thus, you feel your problems are big.

Do you know, how privileged you are?! Let me tell you a thing, there is a very poor family and they are only left with the amount of ration so that they will be getting just a meal and after that, they really don’t know! From where they will get money to buy ration? When they will be able to have their next meal? Will they be alive till that ‘next time’? They don’t know the answers to any of these questions! And there are millions of such families in this world, but still, they don’t think of ending their lives.

We should always be optimistic, encouraged, think positive towards life. Because anything can happen! And to know, what is going to happen next, one should compulsorily ‘be alive’! To be alive, three things are the ultimate necessary, water, food and air, then, comes all the materialistic things like family, house, money, etc.

There are places, where there is no water or highly polluted water, highly polluted air, no food or contaminated food, still, people are surviving in all these harsh situations, they are not even thinking of dying. These people are becoming activists and social workers, to fight these problems and this is ‘the solution’, ‘to solve the problem’, they are fighting and not fearing. This is optimism and an optimistic approach towards life.

Not any problem in this world is so big, that, it can be solved or compensated at the cost of your life. Every life is precious, so live it. Any problem in this world doesn’t have the right to make you take your life! Every problem has a solution and you should find that solution. One of the best ways to find the solution is, “speak up”. Don’t ever think, what the other person would think if you tell them about your problem. If the other person really cares about you, they will listen to you and will help you. Speak to the people who are genuine with you, who understand you and your emotions.

Suicide doesn’t take away the pain, it gives it to someone else…

For boosting your optimism towards life, you can read some quotes in our quote gallery. Thanks for reading. Please, do share the article as much as possible. Because every life matters! And after a life is lost, nothing can change it. So, do it. Save a life. Happy life!