10 Signs of Healthy Relationship


Despite of our best efforts, sometimes love seems to be just out of our control, just like our imagination or our dreams. But sometimes, it seems to be disastrous being in a relationship. So, all we have to do, is to find our special someone, who can lift us up and light our life with love. But, how do we get to know who is that special someone? What are the signs of it? Therefore, we are here with 10 signs of a healthy relationship.

1. You communicate with each other

Communication, is a necessary aspect of a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Communication is a simple thing but can make or break a relationship. If done properly, it can lead to a relationship lasting for decades and maybe forever.

Communication is much more than asking your partner, how their day was? Or what they had for lunch? Communication should be fun, meaningful, filled with emotions and giving new highs to your relationship and should connect to your genuine personalities.


2. Your arguments make you stronger.

Arguments are very normal in a relationship, there’s nothing wrong in arguing with your partner. Even marriage counselors also agree with this fact. In fact, the couples who do not argue or argue very rarely, are considered to be doing something really very wrong. But arguing should not lead to violence or harming yourselves.

Arguments should lead to analyzing the cause of it all together and discussing about both of yours emotions and fears while arguing. And ending up by changing and compromising things within ourselves and our partner.


3. You share comfortable silences.

Love is all about mutual understanding, and when you genuinely know each other, it does not feel like, you should fill the silence with some unnecessary or meaningless small talks.

 Communication is important, but, when not needed, you both feel comfortable sharing silence just feeling the presence of one another. This is a very major sign of a healthy relationship.

4. You think about each other when you’re apart.

Thinking about each other should not be misunderstood with co-dependency, where you depend completely on your partner like a parasite. Thinking about each other means that your partner never leaves your mind.

You keep on thinking about where they are? What they had for lunch? Whether they are fine or not? Your partner dominates your thoughts.

It’s just a way of caring for your partner and wondering your thoughts all around them.

5. You help each other to build up in your lives.

There’s nothing better than your partner helping you to achieve the goals, which you wouldn’t be able to achieve on your own. Helping your partner in achieving their goals and becoming a better person is the ultimate act of love and affection. You both help each other to grow together in your own lives and also as a couple. Helping each other is much more than caring about your partner.

Many people hesitate to ask for help, but, in a healthy relationship, you do not hesitate to ask for help and also acknowledge it. You both help each other in being a better person.

6. You don’t feel the need to cheat.

It is quite obvious, but, how many couples can honestly say that they never thought of cheating on their partner? Even at the lowest point of their relationship! It is a normal thought process and nothing to be ashamed of. Even power couples also have such kind of thoughts.

But, if your relationship is healthy and destined to last forever, your thoughts also wander but you never take them seriously. This type of thought come just for a fraction of time, as quickly they appear, faster than that, they fade away.

7. You set realistic expectations.

In a world full of social media, show off and reality TV, it is easy to set unrealistic expectations in a relationship. One can live in their fantasy world, where they have a big mansion, luxurious car, and a lot more. But in reality, if you are not expecting all this and are setting realistic expectations then, you are on the right track.

You should not keep your expectations too high, otherwise, you will end up hurting yourself. And after all, at the end of all this, you have each other and that’s enough! At the end you need each other to be happy and not all these worldly pleasures.

8. You trust each other.

It is also an obvious aspect of a healthy relationship. Trust is just like glass, once broken, can’t be healed. One should trust their partner but not blindly, blindly trusting can also lead to problems.

Trusting your partner means that, you know your partner and should believe them over others if something goes wrong.

But again, not blindly, if your gut feeling is telling you that something is really wrong here, then, you should investigate the problem on your own and if your partner feels that this is not done. Then, tell them about the thoughts you’re having. If your partner trusts you back, they will understand you.

9. You respect each other.

In a relationship, it is very important that you both respect each other and give equal importance to each other’s opinion. One should not be dominated by the other.

 You both are “partners”, means, two equal halves of a whole. You both stand equal in your relationship. Respecting each other is being humble, kind and generous to each other in terms of discussing about something or arguing or even respecting each other’s feelings and emotions about something or someone.

 Abusing each other in a relationship is a really very wrong practice. You need to understand that abusing your partner is not at all correct in any ways.

10. You give them proper personal space.

When a new relationship starts, we wish to be together all the time. We do almost everything together. But after some time, it feels choking to be with someone around the clock.

 This doesn’t mean that the spark has gone or your partner has lost interest in you. It’s just that they need some personal space. They need some time to be alone with just themselves. They need to rejuvenate their mind and body. The rejuvenation can be done in many ways, like, going for a long drive or going out with their friends. 

You should not create a scene, that why they can be with their friends and not you! If you and your partner are giving proper personal space to each other, then you are in a healthy relationship.

These are 10 signs of a healthy relationship, we hope that you loved reading this post. Which of these signs resemble your relationship?