How to Build a Positive Personality

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Since childhood, we all have heard that we should think positive! We should create positive “vibes” around us. As we think positive, positivity surrounds us. But, what is positivity? Why is it important? How to build a positive personality? No need to worry, you are in the right place. This post is all about building a positive personality… But first, let’s see what positivity is and why it is important?

Positivity is a state of mind that gives us positive energy to think optimistically, be more focused and creative, and expect good results and success in life, which ultimately leads to a happier and healthier life.

As we all know, we become what we think. Because, as we start thinking about something, we are giving our energy to that thought, and repeatedly thinking about something makes that thought stronger and realistic and unknowingly, we impart those thoughts in our character.
This doesn’t mean that our thoughts create our personality.

We ourselves are responsible for our character and thoughts play a “major” role in building our character. So, let’s get started with- How to build a positive personality.

1. Be Thankful And Happy

We always focus on things that we don’t have or which we can’t get. This is a negative thought process and because of this, negativity surrounds us. As a result, we feel sad and are always unsatisfied. But in this whole process, even once, we don’t think about what we’ve got! First of all, we’ve got a life! Then, we’ve got this much education that I’m able to write my thoughts and you can read and understand my words.

We should feel grateful for what we’ve got! Then only we would be able to find happiness in the smallest things…
Have you ever noticed! When you are happy, you have all the positive thoughts in your mind and everything seems good. You are full of hope in the most hopeless situation.

As we start feeling happy, we become more optimistic! We take less stress. One can practice laughter therapy, as laughing out loud triggers secretion of happy hormones, increases blood flow in facial muscles and makes the face glow, relaxes the whole body, and lot many more benefits are there.

2. Think Positive and Be Positive

As I said earlier, we become what we think! So, thinking positive is a major aspect of building a positive personality. Positive thinking means thinking about an optimistic future and setting positive and realistic expectations from oneself. A group of people underwent MRI scans and just before the scan, some of them were asked to think positively about their future, some of them were asked to think about negative consequences about their future, and the rest of them were asked to think neutral about their future.

During the scan, it was observed that the people, who were thinking positive, had more areas of their brains lighted up as compared to the scans of people focusing on negative or neutral thoughts.

Also, positive thoughts encourage the levels of secretion of happy hormones, like, endorphins, serotonin, etc. While, negative thoughts encourage the levels of stress hormones like, adrenaline. For boosting the happy hormones rush, one can do some meditation and yoga.

3. Be healthy

Being healthy, mentally and physically is irrespective of any personality traits. ‘We are living beings… Living things are mobile…’ so, we should move our body parts! The human body has flexibility in the structure because, it’s meant to move, not to be stiff.

Exercise is a must for every human being, 30 mins physical workout session a day is the minimum amount of workout one should do daily and should also take rest once a week. Rest is as much important as the workout! And diet is their companion. Proper diet having adequate nutrition should be taken.

Being healthy and being skinny or becoming skinny are two different things and should not be misunderstood. It also includes proper and sound sleep. A person, who is healthy, has a lower risk of any kind of illness, is happier than others, have a higher life expectancy.

4.  Don’t judge people

Judging people is a very wrong attitude. I always think about those people who judge others, that, how would they feel if someone judges them! If you’re judging someone on any basis, whether it be based on religion, caste, race, birthplace, gender, wealth, disability, or whatever it may be. Just remember one thing! The almighty is watching everything and each one of us.

We all have the freedom to be what we really are! Who we are on the inside, we have the freedom to show it outside. And just because of a bunch of people starts judging, so many dreams, wishes, lives, just goes to hell. You don’t want to be judged, first, just stop judging others. Everyone’s got just one life. Let each one of us live our lives our own way!

5. Give value and credit to deserving people

In today’s world, it’s quite common and is not considered a big deal that work is done by a person and all the credit, applause and praise is taken by someone else. This is really not done! If you are not honest with yourself, then you are going nowhere by fooling and grabbing fake applause from others.

A person with a positive personality always values the real talent, the person or people who should be given the credit, value, and fame as well. Giving a person what he or she deserves… is sacred! And in today’s world, it is a necessity to give exposure to such people. Because, as the time is passing, we are heading towards an almost fully automated world! So, we need to save such talent! Such people are real gems and treasures of mankind.

 6. Surrounding

Surrounding, environment, ambiance, or whatever we may call it. It plays a major role in forming our personality. We all have observed that we adopt some habits or slangs of the people we mostly spend our time with. And, this is a human tendency of adapting the surrounding in which we are, to best suit our surroundings. So, if we want to build a positive personality, if we want to think positively or be happy, our surroundings should also provide us the same vibe.

For example, start being with people who are more optimistic and they know what they want from life. And if you are unable to change the surrounding, try to divert your mind and focus on peaceful and optimistic things, like, imagining a peaceful place, listening to some calming and soothing music, trying to relax and release all the stress, or whatever makes you feel happy and calm.

7. Learn New Things

One should learn new things every day! It can be small or big, one thing or many things a day, practical or impractical, or whatever it may be. Learning new things keeps our mind and soul in pace. And also, we are living beings, and living things and non-living things are different because, living things can move, they are in motion whereas, non-living things are stiff, immobile, they cannot move on their own. As living beings, we should always be in motion, i.e. learning new things.

Learning new things changes our brain’s chemistry so that we learn fast and perform well. It also speeds up our learning process and makes us a more interesting individual and also fights boredom. Now you get that! Why people with a positive personality are mostly surrounded by people!

Because of their habit of learning new things, they have a vast range of knowledge and are called all-rounder, as they can easily connect to people of different personality types.

8. Impart Good Qualities

Day by day, the moral values are being lost. Some people don’t have it, some don’t want to learn it and some just don’t feel the need for it. Day by day, the world is being more practical and due to this, values like, humanity, honesty, loyalty, empathy, caring for others and a lot more are being lost.

We need to understand, that why we are unable to share our problems with our family? Why are we prone to depression and anxiety?! Why we feel lonely in a crowded place? Because the world is being deteriorated with negativity! Good qualities will not just build your personality, in this world of fake and selfish people it will save you from negativity as well.

And it will also keep your self-esteem boosted and will make you keep going. You will be more efficient and focused on doing your work and will be a unique personality. Because, you are real! You have the qualities, which most of the other people don’t have. This will make you stand out from the crowd.

So, this is all what I’ve got for you all. I hope you all enjoyed reading this and really got something to know about how to build a positive personality. Thank you for reading! Have a good day!

Article Written By SUKRITI DAS

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