How to Get Rid of Depression

How to Get Rid of Depression

If you are reading this article it means you need help and you want some answers. I am sure after reading this, you feel less depressed. Yes, exactly less depressed because quick solutions never exist, it will help you slowly but more effectively forever.

What is Depression?

Depression is a common but serious medical illness, it affects your mind negatively about how you think, how you feel and how you act. It causes a feeling of sadness or loss of interest in various activities which once you enjoyed. It also leads to various other problems like emotional and physical disconnection.

Symptoms of Depression?

1. Trouble in sleeping or too much sleeping
2. Loss of energy
3. Weight loss or weight gain
4. Feeling worthless or guilty
5. Difficulty in focusing or making decision
6. Lazy activity
7. Sad mood all the time
8. Loss of interest
9. Overthinking
10. Thoughts of suicide or death.

How its come to your life?

1. Chemical imbalance in the brain
2. Genetics 
3. Personality (ex. sensitive person)
4. Environmental factor

Ways of treating Depression

Depression is a treatable mental disease. Health professionals are conducting some tests both mental and physical after that daily talking sessions and much more depending on your mental state. it includes,
1. Medication
2. physiotherapy (talk therapy)
3. Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) (for high-level depression )

Is it possible to treat yourself?

Yes ,but you need to understand few things, the problem is mental so you need to solve in your mind.

1. Stop overthinking

Maybe the problem is about your health, wealth, relationship, or anything else. But, repeatedly thinking about the situation or problem will not help you. Either you are thinking about the present— What’s just happening to me? Why is this happening to me? Or you are thinking about your future— What’s going to happen now? What will happen then?

What comes next, you can’t predict. So, you can’t change it anyways! Overthinking will simply create a negative atmosphere around you, which will make things worse. And, if we can’t create positivity around us, we should not create negativity. Because, it harms us mentally, physically, physiologically, and emotionally as well.

2. Stop repeatedly talking about your problems

Let me get straight, sharing your problems is a good idea but telling them to each and every person you meet, is a bad idea. First of all, each and every person is not concerned about you and how you’re doing! So, what’s the need to tell such people?! And also, it reveals your weaknesses ‘in public’, as you are doing so! Secondly, it creates a negative impact of yours, on other people, like, you a person full of negativity and negative thoughts.

Talking about your problems is a good way of resolving them. But, one should speak about them to close ones– to whom you can speak openly and comfortably, or else to an expert– who can help you in getting out of this situation. Sharing the pain doesn’t mean solving the problems. It just gives the strength to survive and think differently.

3. Let it go:

Always fighting with problems is not the ultimate solution. Sometimes, the problem is within us, with our perspective. Our perspective of seeing things can make them seem like a problem, whereas, there is not any problem at all. Sometimes, we see our key to solution as our new budding problem because of our perspective.

In such cases, there is actually not any problem at all, but we create them. Because, we don’t want to change or mold ourselves to see things from a different angle. Just by changing this small thing, i.e., changing our perspective towards things we see, we are already halfway through in solving our problems. Basically, changing the angle means, moving forward in life and letting go of the things which are unnecessary and are making us worried.

For example, when we were 8, our problems were too small as compared to the problems we have now. But, the intensity of pain, fear, worry, etc. we felt at that time and are feeling now, both are the same.

One day, a man asked Buddha, tell me something which will make me cry while I’m happy and the same thing will make me feel good while I’m sad. Buddha said, “This moment will not last forever”.

And, many of us have experienced, that some of our problems seemed too big for that instance of time, but afterward, when we recall those memories, we feel so stupid and make fun of ourselves. These words just reminded me about the home assignments from high school. Such a tough job! But now, I feel good while remembering those days. It’s just the same for all the problems in our lives!